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Intelligent Toilet

Home health-check system monitors health properly in everyday life.

Background and Purpose of Development
In December 2002 Chairman Higuchi of Daiwa House (then president) who was interested in health issues and was looking for ways to implement daily health management as a housing manufacturer, asked Toto’s Chairman Shigefuchi (then president) about the development of the toilet that performs convenient at-home health-checks. Both companies agreed to cooperate and worked together combining their technological know-how.

We have developed the equipment which enables entire families to carry out health-checks. We promote the practice of health-checks and improvement of lifestyles for average users, based on the fact that lifestyle-related diseases are increasing and on the health needs of users.
Contents of Development and Results
Health-check function promotes the improvement of lifestyles.
The Intelligent Toilet is equipped with a measurement function for checking blood sugar, blood pressure and obesity, which are thought to trigger lifestyle-related diseases, and it has a function which individually records one year’s worth of measurement data for up to four people in a household.
  • Blood sugar level measurement
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Body fat
  • Weight

Idea for a space for ongoing health-check and habituation to it
One of the things that users desire in managing health at home is ingenuity that enables them to continue good habits. The Intelligent Toilet supports the practice of health-checks.
The appendant exposition of the photo and illustlation.The photograph is of the measurement device installed in an everyday life situation.
  • Health-check that synchronizes with life's rhythms.
  • Removes the burden of health-checks.
  • Allows family members to carry out health-checks together.
  • Idea for a new toilet space that is also a place for managing health.
Health-check using PC by utilizing the home network
It is important to monitor changes in health and to continually check for signs of lifestyle diseases. The Intelligent Toilet not only carries out measurements. The measured data is stored once in the Intelligent Toilet. This data can then be stored on a PC connected to the measurement equipment of the toilet using a home network. It removes the need to record data every time a measurement is made, and data can be easily recorded each day or at a convenient time at a weekend.
Function that supports the improvement of lifestyle habits
The data recorded on the PC can be displayed on a graph as weekly, monthly and yearly units using the health management software Kenko Kanri Kun. With this, changes in current health conditions can be checked at a glance. Using Kenko Kanri Kun enables you to easily calculate the calories in everyday meals, and it also enables you to obtain the advice about meals and exercises.
The appendant exposition of the photo and illustlation.The photograph is of Kenko Kanri Kun, which manages health conditions with a PC.

Joint Development Organizations
Daiwa House Industry, Co., Ltd. / Toto Ltd.
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