Industrial Estate Development in Jakarta, Indonesia  Daiwa Manunggal Industrial Town(MM2100)

Preferred location in central Jakarta  We offer a large industrial town as a production and logistics base.

Daiwa Manunggal Industrial Town

As of October 1, 2016

Plots now for sale

Plot Area (m²)
AE 7 50,000
RR 2-1 30,000
RR 9 10,000
RR 15 80,000
SS 2 20,000
I 10 70,000
Plot Area (m²)
B-2 14,000
C 17,000
E 50,000
H 48,000
M-3 36,000

Summary of Daiwa Mannunggal (MM2100)

Total development area Approx.1,350ha (including planned site)
Address Cikarang Barat, Bekasi 17520, West Java, Indonesia
Electricity Electricicity generating capacity 755MW
Industrial water 72,000m3/day
Water discharge 72,000m3/day
Communication Telecommunication:Optical line area
Gas Natural gas (Supply from state owned company)
Industrial gas (Supply from private owned company)

Daiwa Manunggal industrial park was developed by PT. Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate, Tbk(a listed company) that Daiwa House and PT.Arugo Manunggal Land Development, a real estate development company in Indonesia, have acquired the shares of the company. Local companies affiliated with Daiwa House will support operation.

* Surrounding images of Daiwa Mannungal Industrial Town

Industrial Town

Industrial Town

Industrial Town

Administration Office

ENSO Hotel

Golf Practice Range

Industrial Town


Information of the Rental Factory

- Benefits of using our rental factory

  • [1] Small scale factories which are able to be leased from 1,000m²
  • [2] Cut down initial investment cost and shorten the required time to launch business
  • [3] Provide 'Japan-quality' infrastructure
  • [4] Provide 'Safe and Comfortable' rental factory that our partner company manages and operates.

Exterior images of the rental factory

Leasing space

As of October, 2017

Plot Warehouse (m²) Warehouse (Tsubo) Remarks Column
A-1 1792 542.08  
A-2 2016 609.84  
A-3 1008 304.92 Rented
B-1 1008 304.92  
B-2 1008 304.92 Rented
B-3 1008 304.92 Under negotiation
B-4 1008 304.92 Under negotiation
B-5 1008 304.92 Under negotiation

Facility, Specification

Floor load capacity TowerA 2.0ton/m²
TowerB 1.5ton/m²
Planned electric energy Unit A-1 197KVA 220V
A-2 197KVA 220V
A-3 -  
B-1 99KVA 220V
B-2 -  
B-3 99KVA 220V
B-4 99KVA 220V
B-5 99KVA 220V
Planned lighting intensity Factory 200 Lux or more
Office 500 Lux or more
Air conditioning Ceiling cassette air conditioning system 4 units
Air conditioning capability 4.5KCAL/h * 4 units

Terms and conditions

Guarantee deposit 3 months rent
Payment date Advance payment of 3 months rent
Contract period 3years -
Notice of contract extension 3 months before the end of the contract period
Terms after contract extension Negotiatable
Rent revision Every year
Penalty for breaking a lease Total rent of unexpired contract period


Information of the Rental Logistics

Basic Specification

Summary TypeA
Specification of Building/External
1F Warehouse 9,792m² 5,056m²
2F Warehouse(mezzanine) 384m² -
1F Office 192m² 128m²
2F Office (Excluding AC/Lighting) 192m² 128m²
1F Toilet
Floor Capacity (1F Warehouse) 3t/m² 3t/m²
Floor Capacity (2F Warehouse(mezzanine)) 300kg/m² -
Floor Capacity (1F/2F Office) 300kg/m² 300kg/m²
Truck Berth 34 truck 16 truck
Roof Hights CH=9,000mm - CH=12,000mm
Parking Space for Truck 16 truck 8 truck
Parking Space for Car 10 car 5 car
Parking Space for Bike 160 bike 80 bike
Specification of Electric
Warehouse Area 200Lx 200Lx
Lighting Roof
AC (Warehouse Area) - -
Dock Levelor 8 machine 4 machine
1F Office Area 500Lx 500Lx
1F Office Area:AC
Capacity of Electric 300KVA 150KVA
Fire Work
Fire Hydrant (Inside)
Fire Hydrant (Outside)
Fire Extinguisher(Warehouse)
Fire Extingusher(Office)
Fire Alarm
Telephone Tenant Tenant
Internet Tenant Tenant
Furniture, etc Tenant Tenant
Handring Rate(in/out) - -
Security for each Unit Tenant Tenant
Management Staff


deposit 3months of rent
term of payment advance payment for 12months
contract term 3years -
notification of contract term extension 3months advance from termination
contract(after extension) negotiatin
rent revision every 1 year
penalty for midterm cancellation all rent for remaining period of the contract term



Launching Overseas Business in Indonesia

Further economic growth is expected in Indonesia. We have commenced development of the industrial park to expand your business opportunities.

Indonesia has the largest land size and population among the 10 ASEAN countries. The economy has grown rapidly, and reached the highest GDP in ASEAN countries. Remarkably, people in their productive years account for approx.67% of the population.
It is expected to grow as a potential consumer market with its abundant work force.

POINT1 Continued economic growth; The highest GDP in ASEAN countries

GDP Scale of Major ASEAN Countries in 2014
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Nominal GDP Growth in Indonesia (1980-2014)
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POINT2 Abundant workforce Approx.67% of productive age population

Population Pyramid
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Period of Demographic Bonus
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POINT3 Generate sense of ease in the country which has a positive attitude toward Japan. More than 1,700 Japanese companies do business in Indonesia.

Positive views toward Japan
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Japanese Companies in Indonesia
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Contact Information for Industrial Park and Rental Factory 9:00AM-18:00PM
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Construction Department,Tokyo Head Branch Tel.03-5214-2200(Chono)
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. General Construction Promotion Division,Osaka Head Office Tel.06-6342-1370(Motoyashiki,Wakabayashi)
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Jakarta Office Tel.+62-21-252-2720 Mobile.+62-811-1365-977(Masuda) Mobile.+62-811-1365-972(Jimichi)
PT.Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Mobile.+62-81-29467-7005(Asano)