VietnamLong Duc Industrial Park

【Vietnam】【Long Duc】【Industrial Park】【Long Duc Industrial Park near Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam】


Main Points for Long Duc Industrial Park

  • 1About 42 km from Ho Chi Minh City,
    about 70 minutes by car.

    (about 40 minutes by car using North-South Expressway.)
  • 2 34 km to Cai Mep Thi Vai Port with support for large ships
    (About 40 km. About 60 minutes by car. 14 ports planned for development in the future)
  • 3 Industrial park with share by Japanese companies over 80%.
    Mainly planning to attract Japanese companies
  • 4 Japanese staff stationed for support after moving in.
  • 5Few natural disasters
    (No historical floods. Of 262 typhoons that have landed in Vietnam over past 50 years, only 6.87% have landed in south)
  • 6There are rental factories.

/// Advantages of rental factories

  • 1. Small-scale factory ideal for Japanese companies
  • 2. Early production start and entry with low initial investment
  • 3. Fully equipped with Japanese-quality infrastructure
  • 4. Rental factory with safety and security of being managed by Japanese industrial park

Long Duc Industrial Park
Development Plan Overview

Total Development Area 270 hectares
(available area 187 hectares)
Address An Phuoc Ward and Long Duc Ward, Long Thanh District,Dong Nai Province,Vietnam
Power 110 MVA from Dong Nai Power Company at 22 kv
Water Daily water amount 11,000 m3, supplied by Dong Nai Waterworks Bureau
Possesses wastewater treatment facility with daily volume of 9,000 m3
Facilities Industrial park management office, rental factory, service center (rental office, IT center customs office, restaurant, bank, supermarket etc.)
Use Area (ha)
Planned service center / Planned industrial park management office 7.8
Planned factory 186.7
Planned rental factory / planned warehouse 6.2
Planned infrastructure 2.7
Planned green space 35.4
Planned roadway 31.2
Total 270.0
  • *Plan overview/division may change in the future.
  • *Land use is right to use.
  • * Depending on type of business of entering company, administrative approval may be required.
  • *Please contact person in charge for detailed economic conditions.

About Location

  • Ho Chi Minh City:about 42 km, about 70 minutes by car. About 40 minutes by car using North-South Expressway.
  • Cai Mep Thi Vai Port:about 40 km, large container port available, 14 port facilities planned in the future
  • Long Thanh International Airport:scheduled to open in 2020, about 8 km
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport:about 45 km

Industrial park development

In Vietnam, which continues to modernize, we will develop industrial parks that will open up the future of Japan and Vietnam.

Vietnam is located at the center of ASEAN countries and continues to enjoy strong economic growth. Against the backdrop of favorable conditions such as stable security and abundant labor, a number of foreign companies, including Japanese companies, have entered the market.
The Long Duc Industrial Park is a large industrial park located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, the center of the Vietnamese economy. Utilizing the know-how that Daiwa House has cultivated so far, we are promoting a grand development plan that meets the needs of companies.

Vietnam is now attracting worldwide attention for
its economic vitality and future potential.

Main economic figures

Source: JETRO "Vietnam Basic Economic Indicators"

Real GDP growth has been high at an average of 7% year-on-year since the Asian financial crisis. Despite a temporary decline, it began to rise again in 2013, with the government forecasting real GDP growth of 6.2% in 2016.

Population pyramid

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (as of 2015)

The majority of the population is in their 40s or younger, with an affluent young workforce.

Number of Japanese residents

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Annual report on Japanese nationals overseas (2016 version)”

The number of Japanese residents has increased annually and exceeded 10,000 in 2012.
Many reside particularly the southern part of the city where the Long Duc Industrial Park is located.

Countries the Japanese manufacturing industry considers promising

Source: JBIC “Overseas Direct Investment Questionnaire Results"

It has been positioned as a promising investment destination for Japanese companies, and has maintained a high position in China and India for many years.


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