PREMIST Ariake Gardens
Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo


  • ■Ariake Legacy Area, anticipated to bustle even beyond 2020. In the Ariake district, various sports facilities are being newly planned or undergoing renewal for 2020. These facilities are included such as Ariake Arena (About 450m, expected completion:2019) with a main arena comprising of more than 15,000 seats, Ariake Gymnastics Center (About 100m, expected completion:2019), and Ariake BMX course(150m, expected completion:2020). Even after 2020, preparations are underway to keep in view its multipurpose use for sports, culture and more.
  • ■A 15-story building with 258 residences located within about 5km radius from Tokyo Station, and 2-minute walk to Ariake-tennis-no-mori station.
  • ■Accessible to Shibuya(21 minutes)/Shinjuku(27 minutes)and Shiodome(24 minutes)from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station(10-minute walk) on Rinkai Line and Ariake Tennis-no-mori Station (2-minute walk). You can also have access to Tokyo Station (12 minutes) and Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (15 minutes) from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station (10-minute walk) on Rinkai Line.
  • ※The time required shown is during the daytime normal time, transfer and waiting times are not included.
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Property name
PREMIST Ariake Gardens
(lot number) 1-5-25 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Tokto Metropolitan City Planning Project Ariake North Land Development Project 5-5-25(temporary site), 1-5-25 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo(former site))
Total number of units
258 (Separately, 1 administrative office, 2 guest rooms, 1 kitchen studio, 1 childcare studio, 1 childcare facility block)
[Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd Tokyo Head Office Condominium Business division]
Marketing and sales agent
[Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.] 6-17-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (residential building transaction agent license:Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (3) No.7259, (one company) member of The Real Estate Companies Association of Japan, (one company) member of The Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan, (one company) member of The Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan, (corporation) member of Real Estate Fair Trade Council) TEL:03-3246-3600
Transportation access
2-minute walk from Ariake-tennis-no-mori Station on Tokyo Waterfromt New Transit Waterfront Line(Yurikamome), 10-minute walk to sub entrance from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station on Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit(Rinkai Line)
Land Area
6,213m2(Area subjected to building confirmation application:6,213m2, area of sales:6,380.67m2)
Structure/Floor number
Reinforced concrete structure, 15 floors above ground
Haseko Corporation
Management type
Management consignment agreement between management association and management company(Daiwa Life Next Co., Ltd)
Scheduled completion
Late January 2020
Expected delivery(move in)
Late February 2020
Rights after sale
Shared ownership for land, respective full ownership for building
Land ownership
Full ownership
Parking area
126 units (monthly fees:¥18,000 - ¥24,000), (Separately, 2 units for car share, 3 units for visitors, 1 handicapped unit, 1 goods handling parking space)
Bicycle parking area
516 units(Monthly fees:¥100-¥300)(Separately, 15 units for visitors, 15 units for day care facility)
Motorcycle parking area
10 units for mini bikes, 16 units for motorcycle (Monthly fees:¥2,000・¥2,500)
Other fees
Harvest garden(home garden)18 block spaces (Monthly fees:¥700)
Semi-industrial zone
Building permit number
UHEC Auth. No. 29531(30 November, 2017)
Reception location
PREMIST Ariake Gardens Sales Gallery [Opening hours:AM10:00~PM18:00 Regular closing day:Every Tuesday and Wednesday(except for National Holidays) ]
※In the process of purchase application, you will need to bring identification documents such as passport. Please contact us for further details.
□ Information of First-Come-First-Serve Sales
Units for sale
Exclusive area
55.90m2 – 71.78m2
Balcony area
10.36m2 – 13.12m2
Sales price(including tax)
¥49,300,000 - ¥60,900,000
Most popular price range
¥60 million(6 units)
Unit plan
2LDK(3 units)・3LDK(21 units)
Management fee(monthly)
¥13,900 - ¥17,900
Management fund(lump sum)
¥13,900 - ¥17,900
Repair reserve fee(monthly)
¥7,200 ・ ¥8,300・ ¥9,000・ ¥9,100・ ¥9,200
Repair reserve fund(lump sum)
¥335,400 - ¥430,700
Internet usage(monthly)
Last update on
Scheduled for update on
※1. Image of expected completion of building facade shown is illustrated based on design plans and may differ slightly from actual completion. The plants are not drawn based on any specific season. Furthermore, upon completion, the plants might not grow to the extent of the expected completion drawing, the shape and position might differ slightly in reality. Some plant species may be changed. Details of exterior shape and facility equipment etc. are not reproduced here. Furniture and furnishing goods in exclusive area are not included in the sales price.
※2. Road distance to areas shown: about 1,720m to Odaiba (Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station), about 1,450m to Shinonome (Shinonome Station), about 2,120m to Toyosu (Toyosu Station), about 2,190m to Harumi (Harumi-Sanchōme crossing), about 4,620m to Ginza (Ginza Station), about 4,890m to Shiodome (Shiodome Station). Road distance to BRT planned stops: about 2,120m to Tokyo Teleport Station, about 770m to Kokusai-Tenjijō Station, about 120m to Ariake-tennis-no-mori Station, about 880m to Shijō-mae Station, about 2,460m to Kachidoki (Kachidoki overhead bridge crossing), about 4,380m to Shimbashi Station, about 5,280m to Toranomon (Toranomon Hills); road distance to Kachidoki, Shimbashi and Toranomon is based on after the opening of the temporary road Loop Road No. 2 (expected March 2020). Before it opens, it is about 3,220m to Kachidoki (Kachidoki overhead bridge crossing), about 5,230m to Shimbashi Station and about 5,940m to Toranomon (Toranomon Hills). ※1. The BRT new transportation system is scheduled to start its pre-operation (primary) in 2020, main line from Toranomon Station to Tokyo Teleport Station is expected to begin its pre-operation (secondary) some time in 2020. The bright line created using CG on the aerial photograph shown is a brief idea of the planned route and stops at the time of main line pre-operation (secondary) and may differ from actual. The information and names published are based on "BRT Linking the City Centre and Tokyo Waterfront City (August 2018 revision)". The route names and stop names are subject to change. The timings of the start of BRT operation, the opening of Loop Road No. 2 etc. may be changed or postponed.