IR Inquiries
    Please note the following with respect to IR information inquiries.

    1. In line with the stipulations of the Personal Information Protection Law, Daiwa
      House Industry (hereinafter "the Company") utilizes personal information received
      from customers to facilitate communication with customers in order to provide
      information on and make proposals for the Company's products and services regarding
      the following business lines [*see note below], conclude contracts and implement
      contracted work and after-sales services, report to and communicate with customers,
      and develop new products and services, as well as provision of information deemed
      useful to customers.
      (* include the design, development and construction/renovation of single-family houses,
      rental apartment buildings, condominium buildings, commercial facilities, and other buildings;
      the buying and selling of real estate; the conduct of real estate mediation services; the sale of
      non-life insurance policies; and the management of hotels.)
    2. Please note that it may take some time for the Company to reply to your query, depending
      on its nature.
      In certain cases, we may reply by some methods other than email, and we may not be able to
      respond at all to certain inquiries.
    3. Each email sent by the Company to a customer is a personal communication addressed solely
      to that particular customer. Please do not copy or electronically reproduce such emails
      for secondary use, in whole or in part.
    4. In the event that the email address received from a customer is incorrect, or in the event
      that a computer virus is detected within a customer's email, we will be unable to reply.
      Please note that the occurrence of a computer malfunction would also prevent us from replying.

    Warning! Beware of scam email job offers posing as legitimate employment
    advertisements for the Daiwa House Group!
      We have recently received a number of reports of the receipt of scam email messages
      purporting to be from Daiwa House Industry or from executives of the Company.
      These emails typically include enticements such as: "How would you like to be
      a representative for an American member-company of the Daiwa House Group?"
      Please be aware that these emails do not come from the Daiwa House Group,
      nor from any person or source connected with the Group.

    (*It is a prerequisite that you read and agree to the above contents.)
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